780 x 980 mm, 780 x 1180 mm, 780 x 1400 mm

Rooflite UCX Combi Flashing

FOR 16-120 MM

The Combi flashings are aplicable in tile profile height 16-120 mm for the common roofing materials. The system is composed from 7 basic parts (boxes) which enable you to install the desired combination – from two or more windows side-by-side to 2 or more windows above each other.


  • applicable in roof pitch range of 15°- 90°

  • tile profile height 16-120 mm

  • perfect watertightness

  • easy installation

  • foam  gasket

  • extra long apron to ensure a perfect seal to high profiled roofing materials

  • weather and UV ray resistantance

  • lead free

  • grey RAL7043