Amazon Natural Roof Slate
Amazon Natural Roof Slate Amazon Natural Roof Slate Amazon Natural Roof Slate Amazon Natural Roof Slate

Amazon Natural Roof Slate has been selected by Slate Supplies Ltd as the most suitable Brazilian Slate for Irish and UK Roofs, and is fully certified.

  • Sourced from one of the largest and most reputable quarries
  • Certified BS EN 123 26-1 2014, Best Results A1/W1, S1, T1
  • They are the strongest Brazilian Slate we can source
  • Do not contain damaging iron or quartz content.
  • have been fitted on Irish and UK roofs for more than 20 years. 
  • Architects like its unique graphite colour, flat surface and wide dressed edges
  • Roofers like them as they are very flat and smooth, minimal grading

Amazon Natural Roof Slate is available in 600 x 300 mm size and premier grade.

The Amazon Natural Roof Slate represents great value for money, without compromising on quality, social and environmental responsibility. 

Slate Supplies Ltd have 30 years practical roofing experience and confidently classify the Amazon Natural Roof Slate in our Silver Range.

  • Origin : Brazil, Minas Gerais
  • Colour :  Graphite - Grey Green
  • Texture:  Flat surface with a light texture and heavy dressed edges
  • Thickness : 7- 8 mm
  • Certified: EN 12326-1  A1/W1, S1, T1
  • Guarantee : 50 years ( quarry backed )

Amazon Natural Roof is made from hard stone, they require care when handling, loading roof and fitting. They should be cut using a circular saw, and fitted using two 35 x 3.35mm copper nails in the holes provided, and a 110mm Point Hook at the bottom.

Punched for 100mm headlap, as required in Ireland and UK.

For further details and assistance, please contact our technical department on our contact page