Vermont Heather Blue Natural Slate

This is a new heather heritage slate. Contact office for details

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Inhabitants of Northern Wales are believed to have been the first to take advantage of slate’s natural cleavage for the production of roofing slate around 1300 A.D. 

Over several centuries the Welsh developed a proud tradition of slate production, one that continues to this day.

In the mid-1800s, Welsh immigrants brought their slate-working experience to North-east U.S.A., starting what was to become a major industry in the area.


Heather Blue/Purple slate, quarried in the “Slate Valley” region of Vermont is a very unique and popular slate.

Has been used on the most exposed roofs in the U.S.A., North America and Europe for more than 200 years.

Because of its superior properties and unique heather blue or purple-heather appearance, it has proven to be a true alternative to the Welsh “Blue Bangor” slate but with a significant cost saving.


Vermont Heather Blue Natural Slate is quarried exclusively for Slate Supplies Ltd., we are the only distributor for this slate in UK and Ireland.

Vermont Heather Blue Natural Slate is our most prestigious roof slate and has a  quarry backed 100 year guarantee.

They are the slate of choice with Architects, Builders and Roofing Contractors for their most prestigious projects.

Quarried/Produced in USA, it is highly regarded worldwide as one of the very best Heather Blue Natural Slates available.

It has been used in the USA, United Kingdom and Ireland for centuries on many prestigious buildings.

The Vermont Heather Blue Natural Slate is produced from block extracted from a single family owned & run quarry.

The raw block is then cut in the production sheds to ensure that the slates are made “on the grain”.

This greatly improves strength, longevity and workability of the finished roofing slate.

This Vermont Heather Blue Natural Slate is priced competitively against Welsh Slate, Bangor Blue or Blue Bangor Slate.

Slate Supplies Ltd have 30 years practical roofing experience and confidently classify the Vermont Heather Blue Natural Roof Slate in our Gold Range


  • Origin :  Fairhaven, Vermont, USA
  • Size:  510 x 305 mm
  • Thickness:  7 mm thick
  • Grade: County/Premier (requires minimal grading on site)
  • Colour:  Traditional Heather Blue / Purple (very rare colour for slate)
  • Texture:  Fine Riven Surface, Very Flat/Smooth Slate, Wide Dressed Edges, Pre – holed for 100mm Headlap
  • Guarantee: Written Guarantee for 100 years (quarry backed)

Vermont Heather Blue is fully tested to ASTM


Natural Roof Slate need to be fitted in accordance with current Building Regulations.  2 nail holes are punched on all slates for nail fixing at 100 mm headlap.  In areas of high or moderate exposure, point hooks should also be used to fix all natural slates (3 fixings in total).

For further details and assistance, please contact our technical department on our contact page