500 x 250 6mm, 500 x 250 8mm, 500 x 300 6mm, 500 x 375, 600 x 300 7mm, 600 x 450 7mm


Western Natural Roof Slate is quarried exclusively for Slate Supplies Ltd.

Western Natural Roof Slate is renowned for its durability and strength and has been fitted on the most exposed roofs in Ireland and UK, since 1981 (39 years).

Once fitted, the client can enjoy all the benefits of the highest quality roof, with a rock solid 100 year guarantee.

Western Natural Roof Slate is a popular choice with Architects and Heritage Officers. They have been used on several Heritage projects as an alternative to Blue Bangor Natural Slates, and have been specified for use on 1,000’s of projects in Ireland and UK over the last 39 years.

They leave a flat but natural finish on any roof. Their wide dressed edges and 6mm or 8mm thickness guarantee a traditional appearance, especially in rural locations.

Their blue grey colour fits naturally into any countryside/contemporary setting.

The Western Natural Slate are well selected in the quarry, however, it does require some sorting/grading on site.

Slate Supplies Ltd have 30 years practical roofing experience and confidently classify the Western Natural Roof Slate in our Gold Range


  • Origin : North West Spain

  • Colour :  Blue Grey

  • Texture:  Fine Riven surface , vertical vein, wide dressed edges, some metal inclusions

  • Thickness : 6 and 8 mm

  • Certified: EN 12326  A1, S1,T1/W1

  • Guarantee : 100 years ( quarry backed )

Natural Roof Slate need to be fitted in accordance with current Building Regulations.  2 nail holes are punched on all slates for nail fixing at 100 mm headlap.  In areas of high or moderate exposure, point hooks should also be used to fix all natural slates (3 fixings in total).

For further details and assistance, please contact our technical department on our contact page.